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Success stories.

'We have been working with Vivian & Espie for approx. 17 years and on a large variety of subdivision work across the Wakatipu basin.


Their expertise and knowledge in the district plan is extensive, and the strategies provided have proved very helpful in our projects to date. Given the changing nature of council policies and the increased bureaucratic hurdles to jump, Carey & the team are able to help navigate through the system, make the process is smooth as possible, and mitigate lengthy delays to the best of their ability.


The team constantly keep an eye on the changing environment and advise of potential rezoning that may have an effect on my property.


Their approachability and professionalism is to be commended, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services."

David Broomfield - Woodlot Properties Ltd

"When Queenstown Marina was first being envisioned, one of our primary tasks was to build the right team to ensure success of the project.


The team at Vivian + Espie with their extensive knowledge of the Council rules and regulations and planning criteria hit the ground running as soon as we engaged them and remained engaged and continued their support until the project was completed.


Their key strengths are; intimate knowledge of the area, zones, restrictions, processes as well as being able to employ appropriate consultants as needed. The passion they bring to the table and working as an extension of our internal team, were invaluable in realizing our project scope.


We always call on Vivian + Espie for all our development projects and would highly recommend them."


Iraj Barabi