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Masters in navigating resource consents and landscape planning. Formed from over 20 years of experience, we provide honest and upfront advice from day one. Work with the experts in the lower South Island.

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Resource Consent Planning

With you from day one. We’ll formulate and lodge your resource consent and plan change applications, including associated strategy and project management.


Landscape Planning

Get honest advice on landscape planning projects. We assess the landscape and visual effects of your proposals including associated mitigation design, reporting and expert evidence.

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"I have worked with Vivian+Espie for a number of years now on a particularly complex and multi-faceted tourism project in the Rural General zone – LandEscape Wanaka. This project had the potential to be contentious and very difficult as it is set on a key location within a small farming property just outside Wanaka.


Vivian+Espie have helped steer the project through the turbulent waters of the Resource Consent process in a manner that has avoided controversy, evaded some of the worst aspects of the process and appears set to achieve a very positive outcome. The project has had several process driven changes in strategy and direction and the team at Vivian+Espie have handled these with aplomb and alacrity and given meaningful and useful advice throughout the journey.


I assure the uninitiated entering this process that you absolutely must have highly professional advisors to guide you through the unavoidable realities of an uncaring bureaucratic system that really wants to eat you alive and will do so if you let it. I unreservedly recommend Vivian+Espie for the task."

Rik Deaton

“Carey, Ben, and team came to our reforestation project to solve the nearly impossible problem of gaining complex consents across an Outstanding Natural Landscape. Their approach was and is open, honest, organized and thorough.

They listen, observe, and inquire, refining from that mass of information the diamond in the rough, the exact perspective and story that not only moves through Council with astounding ease but provides a framework and inspiration to those of us on the project itself.

Since 2012 they have completed multiple resource consents, amendments, and variations for our project, and they continue to facilitate us in a variety of interactions with Council, neighbours, and the community at large. In short, they are brilliant, tenacious, and reliable and we have yet to encounter easier people to work with. I don’t think they can walk on water, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.”

Rob Lay, PhD